Diary of a Programmer

I’m sitting at my Computer and going over some notes that I came up with over a period of two days. I’ve always been in love with the thought of programming. It’s honestly one of the finest things a person can do and that’s to create something. Programming is an art form, in the same league as Painting, Writing, Acting, and Music. Programming can stand the test of time long after the Programmer dies. I’ve been in love with the idea of writing software since I was a kid. Now, that I’m older, with kids of my own, and a will to take a stand towards making the game I’ve always wanted too.

Sure, I’ve written software in the past, but it never really filled that void. Before I get too carried away. It must be said that I’m not a Programmer by Trade. Instead, I work in the Trades, the Oil Sect to be exact. I never had the grades to make it and never really pushed myself into ever reaching that level of education. But honestly who wants to spend that kind of money. My philosophy in life is that if you really want to do it, then just dive in and learn from the material you have readily available to you. The internet is a great place to start. I’ve made a few programs in my younger days and figured why not get back into it. But back then it was BASIC and now I’m learning C++, which I will admit is like learning Klingon.

The game I’m working on is a 500+ room Adventure, a Text Adventure for you old school gamers. I’ve had dreams as a child of an Adventure game where you wander around a once believed lost Temple where an ancient civilization once lived and mysteriously vanished. I’ve always been fascinated by such unsolved mysteries.

So if you’re wondering just why I’m doing this? Then, it’s too document my journey into following my dreams, something that will be a learning experience, and something I can share with my kids. I’ll be posting regularly, just to share my experiences, share my code, and hope to intrigue. Life’s too short to be dreaming and not doing. I hope you enjoy what you read.

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