An introduction of Dr. Bedford…

The Lore of the Hohokam

The idea of “Temple of Hohokam”, came to me as a child. I always loved adventure style games, that’s why I  planned it out to take place in a temple. The mapping processor I should say the planning stages are all set up like diagrams, each room is represented like a grid. Each room allowing the player to move around. Exploring the ancient caverns and venturing through the citadels of a vanished people. Going against all sorts of enemies like (Spiders, Bats, Fallen Soldiers, Skeletons, Ancient God’s, a Thunderbird and ghosts).

You play as an Adventurer who goes by the name Dr. Bedford. A young archaeologist, investigating the once-mighty Hohokam society in the Southwest United States. With a thirst for adventure and the need to find fame in the hopes of uncovering the lost Temple of Hohokam. The length of the game is going to be forever spanning, everything about this game will always be moving forward. With that being said, I want all who read this to know that this text adventure will be my lifelong project. A game that’s always expanding, where you can go through every aspect of exploring, and discovering the lost treasures unseen for a thousand years.

A Hohokam hut.

You begin the journey in setting foot in the middle of the desert. The newly discovered entrance-way to the forgotten temple. Leading the player through the unknown realm of mystery and wealth. Now, the average text adventure is the length of a novella. But I’ve been planning out this title for years. I have notebooks loaded to the brim with map layouts, characters, treasures galore. An erased people and the ruins that called out to others and cost them their lives. But you, the adventure-seeking Doctor have stumbled across the find of a lifetime. A world to be explored in glorious black and green. A through back to the old text adventures of the day.

“A thick dampness fills the air as the walls are covered in faded images, triumphs of past glories, ancient beasts that roamed the Earth being hunted for food. Dust cakes the floors and with every step marks the ground with your presences. The sound of a waterfall trickling from the surface to a fresh clear blue pool of water. Homes are scattered about as a market can be seen close by. A loud scream fills the air revealing a monstrous silhouette of a beast as it’s wings cutting through the air. Something like this hasn’t been seen in recorded history.” Not bad for a room description…eh?

A Thunderbird.

So with that being said, I hope you enjoy every entry I make here. I’m still getting use to this whole blogging thing. With that being said no matter where you are in this world have a fun Adventure.

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